Red Rice Bran Extract

Red Rice Bran Extract

Rice has a long tradition as one of the major crops in South East Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and part of China. The white rice we consume is usually nice and shiny as the bran has been removed during the milling process. For the last decade the fine rice bran or "Bekatul" has been collected and consumed as a health supplement.

In Indonesia and Asia in general a variety of rice called "Red Rice" (beras merah) has been cultivated for hundreds of years. Grown in dry soil, it takes much longer to harvest. Red rice (beras merah) has been known for additional nutrition and health benefit : high in fiber, rich in B vitamins, iron and calcium.

The reddish color of red rice is due to the high content of Polyphenol and Proanthocyanidin in the bran.

Red rice extract is different from red yeast rice sold in market. There are the difference between "Red Yeast Rice" and "Red Rice Bran" extract :

The red rice yeast is a specialized product made in China and Japan. Rice grains are polished and then cultivate with a mold yeast (Monascus purpureus) which creates a crusty red coating.

The active ingredient in red rice yeast is the same as the active ingredient in prescription drugs called statins used for high cholesterol. That’s why red rice yeast has all the possible side effects, drug interactions, and precautions associated with this type of drug. The American Heart Association warns against using red rice yeast until the results of long-term studies are in. While, the red rice bran extract Phytochemindo doesn't contain statins.

Phytochemindo has developed a concentrated extract of red rice bran with a standardized content of Polyphenol and Proanthocyanidin. High concentrate extract of red rice bran has been sourced from high quality raw material fresh manufactured from nature Indonesia plants and Phytochemindo's WHO GMP certified facility.

The reddish color of red rice is due to the high content of Polyphenol and Proanthocyanidin in the bran.
Studies have been reported of it's anti-oxidative, arteriosclerosis preventive activities. In Japan and Korea, red rice bran extract is also used in cosmetics for high anti-oxidative properties.
An extract of red rice bran could be used as a natural herbal remedy to :
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower triglyceride level
  • Decrease atherosclerotic plaque
Key active constituents of Red Rice Bran Extract are :
  • Polyphenol
  • Proanthocynidin
  • Pharmaceutical -- Red rice bran extract can thus be considered as a beneficial food additive for metabolic syndrome and as suitable for various health products targeting dyslipidemia and hyperglycemia.
  • Food -- Rice rice bran extract can be uses as anti-oxidation in beverage, hard and soft capsule, tablet, candy, chewing gum, gum, cookies, chocolate, wafer, jelly, etc.
  • Cosmetics- In cosmetics, red rice extract can be uses as whitening, moisturizing and anti-aging, formulated in lotion and body gel.