Posted at February 13, 2018


As a form of celebrating the companies 28 years, on Thursday, January 18th 2018, PT. Phytochemindo Reksa held its Birthday celebration in Mang Kabayan restaurant at Kota Wisata Cibubur.

The theme of the Birthday celebration was “Building on The Best”, which was greeted by the team with enthusiasm.

The celebration was opened with a speech from Mr. Patrick Kalona as the Director of PT. Phytochemindo Reksa. In his opening speech, Patrick said that the company had already learned and continue to study best practices that enriches our knowledge. In the process of  Phytochemindo’s journey all the team have already understood the forms of good team-working and good performance. But this always needs improvement to build on Phytochemindo.

“In 2018 Phytochemindo will increase its expansion. The company presence is not only for traditional medicines, supplements, but we also will be part into entering the industry of foods and cosmetics. We must always develop and support innovation too increase the company visibility in society” says Mr. Patrick Kalona on his opening speech.

The celebration continued with giving the appreciation for the team members who have worked for five years. The awarding was completed by Mrs. Maureen Kalona Kandao as the Director of Phytochemindo and continued with the doorprize giveaway.

The celebration closed with lunch , followed with music as the entertainment.