Plant Extract

Phytochemindo extracts are manufactured in compliance with the WHO GMP standards. We maintain a robust supply chain which ensures that the highest quality materials and finished products are delivered to the marketplace.

Our quality control processes have been designed and implemented to ensure compliance with pharmacopoeia specifications.. We conduct routine and final-product testing to guarantee that we meet international standards.

Manufacturing herbal products with superior quality is of paramount importance to Phytochemindo's success.


Spray Dried Extract

Spray dried extracts are presented in powder form and are produced using qualified extraction processes through internal standardized extraction methodology. The extracts are powdered using a spray-drying technology. A special process removes almost all of the moisture content and to ensure a longer shelf-life.

  • All raw materials are carefully sourced, ensuring reproducible quality, traceability,and sustainability.
  • Different product grades are available to fit customer needs.

Products are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis that includes a standard physical chemical analysis, specific standard active ingredient contents and a microbiology report in compliance with international standards.

Liquid Extract

Phytochemindo has developed a variety of liquid extracts for pharmaceuticals cosmetics, and food companies.

The following is the liquid form product list for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics:


Special Extract

Curcuma xanthorriza Roxb (Temulawak)

In 1977, the founders of Phytochemindo began their research on Curcuma xanthorizza roxb and Curcuma domestica.

Curcuma xanthorriza Roxb or Temulawak is a native plant of Indonesia. Temulawak has been known as a key ingredient in traditional medicine for centuries and is one of the most used herbs in Indonesian traditional herbal medicine, known as “Jamu”.

Phytochemindo has succesfully isolated and separated the two main active components: Curcuminoid and Curcuma xanthoriza essential oil. We are known as the pioneer and experts in Curcuma.



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